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Boost you business and find you medical distributors in china

We provide smart, fast and effective solutions for companies wishing to introduce their innovative products and services into the grand Chinese market. Our team is always inspired and prompt in order to meet your needs and ambitions, based on complete or partial representation. After 10 years of activities in and understanding of the ever transforming Chinese market- including IT, Telecom, M&A and Healthcare- HKUTECH invites you to share it's influential network of entrepreneurs, investors, manufacturers, distributors, key opinion leaders and administrators.

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Business Development Services.

Market entry strategy

• Identification of the main provinces to target

• Inventory of competing products

• Compliance Requirements CFDA China

• Ideal profile Chinese distributor

• Implementation and service optimization and logistics structure

Sourcing distributors

• Thorough pre-qualification of distributors based on needs

• In-depth interviews and determination of a list of candidates

• On-site evaluation of shortlisted distributors

• Final selection by client based on the results and analysis

Distributors Management

• Monitoring troubleshooting and follow-up

• Conduct your distributors for effective marketing

• Audits and monitoring the performance of distributors

• Monitoring of all new competing products

Managing your structure

• Local Agent on behalf of your company

• Managers of your regional distribution network directly

• Setting up your legal structure in China (WFOE))

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